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Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle in California

Before you hire a personal injury lawyer in California, you’ll want to make sure they handle your particular type of personal injury case. Many attorneys deal with all different types of personal injury issues, but that’s not necessarily true for every attorney. Because of that, you need to be sure the one you choose is able to give you the biggest benefit and the highest level of help. The most common personal injury cases include:

  • Vehicle accidents

    Many vehicle accidents are personal injury claims. These can include accidents where multiple vehicles are involved, along with single-vehicle accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists.

  • Motorcycle accidents

    In addition to general vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents can lead to devastating injuries and medical bills. DG Law Group can work with injured motorcyclists in California to reach a resolution.

  • Pedestrian accidents

    If you have been injured as a pedestrian, you may have a personal injury claim. An experienced attorney can help you receive compensation for medical fees due to your injuries and more.

  • Dog bites

    Being bitten by someone else’s dog could lead to the filing of a personal injury claim. Make sure you seek medical treatment, and clearly document the damage that was caused, along with contacting a personal injury attorney.

  • Assault

    Being assaulted may be considered a criminal act, but there are also times when you can make a personal injury claim. If you’ve been the victim of an assault, working with an attorney is very important to ensure that you’re fully exercising your rights.

  • Slip and fall

    Slip and fall accidents are common in grocery and retail stores, but can happen in many other locations, as well. If you slip and fall, and are injured, working with a personal injury attorney can help you seek compensation for the injuries you’ve sustained.

  • Work-related accidents

    Being injured on the job isn’t always grounds for a personal injury claim, but unsafe working conditions and the actions of others both need to be considered. An attorney can help you decide if you have a claim.

  • Wrongful death

    If you’ve lost a loved one to any kind of injury or negligence caused by someone else, working with a personal injury attorney may help you receive compensation. While it won’t bring back your loved one, it can help you seek justice for your loss.


Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer In California

When choosing a California personal injury attorney, it’s important to ask them about their skills and education. That way you know how long they’ve been in practice and what they may be able to do for you. It’s very important to remember that a good education or a lot of skill and experience doesn’t guarantee any kind of particular outcome, though. Even the best California personal injury attorney may make a mistake or have a case that’s not as successful as would be hoped.


Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Cases

1. What is the personal injury claim process?

A personal injury claim is made by working with an attorney to get the help and support you need. They will gather facts and information, and then file suit on your behalf. From that point, there will often be negotiations between your attorney and the attorney of the other party.

2. Will my personal injury case go to trial?

Many personal injury claims are settled out of court, but a few do go to trial. Generally, very large claims or high-profile cases may be more likely to go to trial, but there are no guarantees either way. The facts of your case and the choices of the other party to the claim will affect the possibility of going to trial.

3. What do I do after an accident?

After an accident, make sure you explore your options. Talk with a personal injury attorney to get the information you need, and don’t sign away any rights or make any official statements. You want to make sure you’re reducing your risk when it comes to being at fault, especially if you intend to file a personal injury claim.

4. How long does the claim usually take?

There’s no set time frame on a claim for personal injury. Your claim could be settled in a matter of days, or it could be years before it’s finalized. Most personal injury claims are settled in weeks or months, but there are outliers. Your personal injury attorney may be able to give you a better idea of a timeline, based on the details of your specific case.

5. What should I do if an insurance company approaches me to settle the claim?

Don’t agree to or sign anything an insurance company gives you. If you settle with them, you’ll likely give up any right you have to file suit for more compensation. Work with your personal injury attorney, and direct the insurance company to do the same.


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